Anti-PE Antibody, ReserveAP™-Labeled | 5220-0324

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Anti-PE Antibody, ReserveAP™-Labeled Cat# 5220-0324 from Seracare is available for UK & Europe Delivery.

Affinity-purified, goat-derived antibody to phycoerythrin (PE), conjugated with a high-potency alkaline phosphatase (ReserveAP). Antibody is highly specific to PE with minimal (less than 2%) cross-reactivity observed. Can also detect tandem dyes such as PE-Cy5 and PE-Cy7.

As a polyclonal antibody, it binds to multiple epitopes on PE making it superior to monoclonals. It is designed for the detection of PE in immunohistochemistry (IHC) applications.

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