AIV PCR Detection Test Kit | PD55-01 | BIONOTE

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Test Type:
General RT-PCR
Packing Size:
96 tests/kit
  • AIV Detection Test Kit
  • AIV Detection Test Kit
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Avian Influenza virus are devided into subtypes based on two proteins, hemaglutinin (HA) an neuraminidase (NA), on the surface of the virus. AIV is spread primarily through direct form infected birds to healthy birds, and through indirect contact with contact with contaminated equipement and materials. The virus is excreted through infected burds' feces and secretions from their noses, mouths, and eyes. BIONOTE AIV Detection Test Kits is a complete, easy PCR kit for detection of Specific protein gene from Avian influenza type A virus (H1 to H16 genes) BIONOTE AIV detection kit is very accurate and high efficient, and RT-reaction can be from 50 fg to 500 ng of template RNA. It is developped with the best condition of synthesis first-dtand cDNA, so it is useful for check a low copy of DNA transcription.

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