Antibody Isotyping Cards

Mouse Antibody Isotyping

Rat Antibody Isotyping

Instruction of use

1. Prepare samples to be tested. Samples can be rat monoclonal antibodies in cell culture or in purified forms. The suggested detection range is between 1 ug/mL - 10 ug/mL. If antibody concentration is too high, please dilute the sample either using phosphate buffered saline (PBS), pH 7.4 or just simply using deionized water. The total volume of the sample should be more than 180 uL.
2. Open the purple colored bag and take the card out. The card should be used within 30 minutes.
3. Write the sample ID and date on the card.
4. The card has 3 oval-shaped wells. Add 60 uL of sample to each well. Wait 2 to 5 minutes until the positive control bands (marked with C) appeared.
5. The band at the corresponding position indicates the antibody isotype, i.e, (IgG1), 2a (IgG2a), 2b (IgG2b), 2c (IgG2c), M (IgM), κ (kappa light chain), λ (lambda light chain).