ATTO Kronos HT

ATTO Kronos HT High Throughput Real-Time Luciferase Assay System

Biological clock, organ clock and cell clock

WSL-1565 Kronos HT is the high throughput support model of the assay system that measure the gene expression of living cells in real-time with the bioluminescence of luciferase. Kronos Dio, which is a precedent model compatible with 35 mm dish, has been used as a real-time luminescence measurement system with cell culturing function, but this time a new lineup of model compatible with multiwell plate measurement is added.
With this new product Kronos HT, we succeeded the know-how cultivated in the precedent model in order to measure the luminescence while culturing the cells, and further strengthened functions and performance for high throughput measurement. Please consider adopting Kronos HT for high-throughput measurement in biological clock analysis, change in drug response with time, cytotoxicity test etc.

Reporter assay in real time with culturing cells

Reporter assay is used to measure the transcriptional activity of gene transcription regulatory sequences such as promoters, for researches on drug response and gene expression control, evaluation of gene transfer efficiency, and so on. Among them, the method of measuring the amount of bioluminescence using bioluminescent enzyme luciferase using a device called a luminometer is superior in terms of high sensitivity and low background and is widely used.
Usually, transcription activity at a certain point (end point) is measured, but the assay is also becoming used for tracking transcription activity over time such as stimulation response, time course of transgene expression level, periodic variation of biological clock gene. Kronos HT is a system to optimize for such assays with the ability to monitor the bioluminescence over time as cells are cultured.

Time course of drug response

Long-term kinetics of activity inhibition

Monitoring of biological clock

chronomedicine, research progresses in the world.

• High sensitive and low noise detection by cooling of detectors (PMTs)
• Compatible with multicolor luciferase assay
• Easy setting with software on Windows PC, and displaying and saving measurement data in real time.

Sample stage (setting two of 24 well plates) Exchanged to 96 well plate adaptor (option)


Setting measurement conditions

You can set it by simple operation. Setting operation can be omitted by using the function to save and load the setting condition as a file.