RT-qPCR-Based Screening of Animal DNA in Food Extracts 

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A growing number of consumers adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, driven by health-, animal and environment-related concerns. Along with the global rise of the vegan movement, the demand for meat-free food is exponentially increasing. Yet, it is not always easy to ensure that foods declared as vegan have not in fact been processed with meat or animal-derived products.

RT-qPCR-Based Screening of Animal DNA in Food Extracts 

Outstanding Sensitivity 

• qPCR-based assay for detection of animal DNA in food-derived extracts, down to a threshold level of 0.1 % of genomic meat target DNA.

• In combination with an optimized DNA extraction system for the isolation of genomic DNA from various vegan food types, the qPCR assay delivers fast and consistent results for a broad range of food matrices.

Simple and Rapid Protocols for Reliable Results 

• Internal Control DNA to monitor the performance of both DNA extraction and qPCR.

• Lyophilized and pre-aliquoted (25 reactions) components to simplify logistics and storage.

• Ready-to-use products and straightforward workflows for routine use

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