HDM Elisa & Assay Kits

Allergies against house dust mites (HDM), a common aeroallergen, are observed in up to 85% of asthmatic patients worldwide. HDM is an immunologically complex antigen which activates both innate and adaptive immune responses (1). Moreover it was reported that proteinases, such as trypsin-like enzymes, in HDM promoted allergenicity to proteins, resulting in allergic reactions (2). To facilitate allergic asthma research, Chondrex, Inc. provides HDM extract as a clinically relevant allergen for the induction of a mouse asthma model that mimics how asthmatic patients are sensitized with aeroallergens.

General Protocols for Inducing Asthma in Balb/c Mice

1.  Acute Asthma Model

2.  Chronic Asthma Model

Chronic Asthma Model

Six Balb/c mice received 150 µg HDM mixed with 0.2 mg Alum Adjuvant by weekly IP injections. Serum total IgE levels on weeks 4 and 7 were significantly higher than those of week 0 (blue). In addition, anti-HDM IgE levels were significantly higher on week 7 (orange) than they were on week 0 and 4.

Der p 1 Associated Trypsin Activity in HDM

Chondrex, Inc. compared HDM from two vendors. Vendor A’s HDM showed high trypsin activities with cysteine activation, indicating that it contains high levels of cysteine proteinase, such as Der p 1. On the other hand, cysteine treatment did not activate Vendor B’s HDM, possibly due to interfering trypsin activities from other serine proteinases, such as Der p 3.