Specific Enrichment - Multiple Applications


Kinase (& ATP binding proteins) enrichment reagent

  • Reversible immobilization of phosphate group with optimal nucleotide orientation & specificity
  • Enrichment 3-5X, binding protein recoverable, ~200 μg
  • 60 minute, scaleable protocol compatible with functional assays, electrophoresis and LC-MS
  • Phosphatase activity & cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase (PDE) activity not detectable
  • Improves protein normalization when comparing heterogeneous tissues
  • On-bead digestion protocols for LC-MS IDs

NuGel™ PBA
NuGel™ PBA Kit

Glycoprotein Enrichment Using Phenyl Boronic Acid

  • Enriches heterogeneous sets of glycoprotein’s, N-linked & O-linked
  • Consumable, no column regeneration
  • Species and tissue agnostic
  • Sorbitol elution; compatible with functional assays, electrophoresis and LC-MS
  • Binds biomolecules containing 1,2 cis-diol groups
  • Chemically derived, ideal for glyco-proteomic applications
  • NuGel™ polymer coating, porous silica based
  • Supplied as bead only (dry powder) or as kit (includes all binding and elution buffers)
Sample Type%Glycoprotein (Sorbitol Elution)
Mouse Plasma 33
Rat Serum 44
Sheep Serum 18
Bovine Serum 40
Bovine Brain Homogenate 9

ViraPrep™ Mammal Kit

Virus Enrichment & Purification

  • Purifies whole infectious non-enveloped virus, isolates antigenic virions
  • Enriches for viral proteins and nucleic acids
  • Use with (proven 350X enrichment) or without ultracentrifugation
  • Used for monitoring vaccine immune response

NuGel™ BindPro™

Aqueous Protein Crash & Enrichment of Metabolites & Analytes

  • Serum and plasma protein removal, >95%
  • Aqueous protein crash
  • < 30 minute protocol
  • Applicable for target analytes, drug binding/screening and metabolomics
  • Supplied as suspension reagent or NuGel™ dry powder format