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We Provide a Complete Range of Detection Methods to Ensure Halal Auhenticity 

Support Halal label claims by testing for the presence of pork DNA in food and feed samples to verify if any adulteration or cross-contamination has occurred in purchased ingredients or during manufacture.


In the past few decades, Halal meat has had growing sales with Muslim communities totaling nearly 25% of the world population. The qualification of Halal, permitted as per Islamic Shari’ah, addresses attributes that refer to the method of production and establishes that products must be free of any prohibited ingredients, such as pork, animals slaughtered improperly and other intoxicants.


To ensure Halal authenticity, food safety enforcement authorities perform controls at each stage of the agri-food chain, and Halal entities are responsible of certifying goods apt for consumption by Muslims through coherent measures and adequate analytical monitoring.

 Our laboratory analyzed a total of 898 samples supposed to be Halal using a highly sensitive analytical method (sensitivity > 0.0005%)

Test results indicated that all DNA samples were optimal for the genetic analysis. The GMO Extraction kit is optimal for low-target detection in assays that require High sensitivity as it processes over 20-times more sample than most commercial kits. In addition, it yields high DNA concentration (>100 ng/µL) and purity suitable for any PCR-based downstream assays.