Genomic PCR Grade Proteinase K Powder & Solution

Our Proteinase K is PCR Grade and Free of Detectable DNase & RNase

Proteinase K Solutions

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Proteinase K Powder

Proteinase K is an endolytic protease that cleaves peptide bonds at the carboxylic sides of aliphatic, aromatic or hydrophobic amino acids. Proteinase K is classified as a serine protease. The smallest peptide to be hydrolysed is a tetrapeptide.

DNA Extraction lysis reagent for DNA tests & genotyping

The Proteinase K solution is useful when a small amount of biological samples are processed. Add the enzyme solution to DirectPCR reagents at the final concentration of 0.5-1.0 mg/ml (25-50 μl Proteinase K solution per 1 ml DirectPCR reagent). Follow the instruction manuals for DirectPCR Reagent Protocol/Manual for each blood, blood stain, buccal swab, hair root DNA genotyping. Once diluted in DirectPCR reagents, Proteinase K is stable for ~24 hrs.

Other applications

Proteinase K digests native proteins very effectively. It can therefore be used to remove DNases and RNases when isolating DNA and RNA from tissues or cells.

Usage Conditions

 - Proteinase K is active over a wide pH range—optimal activity between 6.5 and 9.5

 - Under denaturing conditions—e.g., in the presence of SDS or urea

 - In the presence of metal chelating agents—e.g., EDTA

 - At high temperatures—optimum digestion temperature is 65°C