xNetic™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

The LaunchWorks xNetic™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit allows for a one-step magnetic bead-based extraction and purification of Viral RNA in less than 15 minutes. The procedure, for manual processing, only requires a magnetic rack and RNase-free microfuge tubes. Our technology has been validated for a variety of commercially available automated platforms with results that exceed performance compared to industry standards. The LaunchWorks xNetic Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit is a cost-effective solution that requires less components, less time and less capital investment for diagnostic sample preparation.


 - Sample extraction in 15 minutes
 - No heating, centrifugation or vortexing
 - No Proteinase K or carrier RNA required
 - No cold chain storage requirements for any test components
 - Samples from swab solutions (VTM and MTM), serum/plasma, saliva, and other cell-free bodily fluids
 - No expensive benchtop equipment needed for manual processing
 - Performance equivalent or better than industry standard using manual or automated extraction platforms
 - Reduce your extraction method material cost by 50%
 - Manufactured in an ISO 13485:2016 certified facility under cGMP conditions


 - Viral RNA and DNA Extraction and Purification
 - Downstream RT-qPCR and isothermal PCR applications
 - Compatible with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)


1. Lysis/Binding: LaunchWorks MagBeads added to the specimen sample.
2. Washing: Series of washes to remove contaminating proteins, lipids and salts.
3. Elution: Obtain purified DNAx/RNA ready for downstream analysis using any molecular analysis techniques such as RT-qPCR for the gene targets of interest.

The LaunchWorks xNetic DNA/RNA Extraction Kit is amenable to automation using any commercially available platform that allows operation with third party reagents.


The performance of the LaunchWorks xNetic Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit showed high extraction efficiencies at 99 – 100% recovery for low SARS-CoV-2 copy numbers ranging from 1 – 100 copies/μL.

Threshold Cycle C
Concentration Standard Recovered Sample Percent Recovery
100 copies/μL 30.98 30.99 99%
10 copies/μL 34.29 34.29 100%
1 copy/μL 37.52 37.46 100%


Product Name: LaunchWorks xNetic Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit
Components: Viral Lysis/Binding Buffer, Wash Buffer #1, Wash Buffer #2, Elution Buffer
Shelf Life: 12 months
Storage Temp: Ambient
Quality Control testing protocols are performed on each component and meet the designated specification for RNAse, DNAse and Protease free.

Ordering Information:

LWMLEX100 | LaunchWorks xNetic Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit - Manual Bottle Format | 100 Tests/Kit

LWMLEX250 | LaunchWorks xNetic Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit - Manual Bottle Format | 250 Tests/Kit

LWMLEX096 | LaunchWorks xNetic Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit - Automated Plate Format | 96 Tests/Kit