abm | Applied Cell Extracellular Matrix | G422

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1 to 2 weeks
25 mL
  • Applied Cell Extracellular Matrix
  • Applied Cell Extracellular Matrix
  • Applied Cell Extracellular Matrix
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ABMGood | Applied Cell Extracellular Matrix | G422

Product Description and Application
Adhesion plays a fundamental role in the development and maintenance of cells in culture. abm’s Applied Cell Extracellular Matrix comprises of protein formulations which will mediate cell attachment, growth, differentiation, migration and tissue morphogenesis. This product is suitable for the preparation of thin films on cell culture vessel surfaces or use as a solid gel.

Shipping and Storage
Upon arrival, the Applied Cell Extracellular Matrix should be stored at 4 - 8ºC and is stable for one year from the date of shipping if stored and handled properly. Freezing is not recommended.

Tested and confirmed negative for bacterial and fungal contamination after 14 days of incubation at 37ºC.

Plate Coating Protocol
Employ aseptic techniques to maintain the sterility of the product throughout the preparation and handling.
1. In a Biosafety Cabinet, place the desired volumes of Applied Cell Extracellular Matrix onto the surface of the plate wells or dishes to be coated; make sure the entire bottom of the well/dish is covered by the solution. Please refer to Table 1 for volume guidelines.
2. Incubate for 1 hour at room temperature with the lid uncovered in Biosafety Cabinet.
3. Aspirate the solution from the plate wells or dishes. Leave the plate wells or dishes for another 1 hour to allow the surface to dry.
4. Coated surfaces can be used immediately or stored at 4 - 8ºC for up to 2 weeks

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