Empty FPLC 8ml Columns | FPLC8-3

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Empty FPLC 8ml Columns - Cat Number: FPLC8-3. Supplier: Agarose Beads Technologies.


FPLC column is a single use product suitable for FPLC and ÄKTA design™ chromatography systems. It is recommended to work with approximately 8ml of packed bead bed volume. The package contains 3 columns, 9 frits (polyethylene frit with a nominal pore size of 12 µm), and 6 caps. The FPLC column parts are made of polypropylene which shows excellent chemical resistance to most of the commonly used reagents.
Note:If the user does not have standard connections for fitting the column to the FPLC equipment, ABT supplies them (see FPLC Luer lock-male (Cat Nº MFC) & FPLC Luer lock-female (FFC)). Standard connections needed are: Luer Lock Male/M6 Female & Union Luerlock Female/M6 Female (this fitting can be avoided in FPLC8-3 by fitting the column directly to an ÄKTA device through a 1/16” Male/Female Luer Lock Connector).

Product Data:

Product Name Empty FPLC 8 ml Columns
Cat. No. FPLC8-3
Contains 3 columns, 9 frits & 6 caps
Column Material Polypropylene
Frit Material Polyethylene
Dimensions Diameter x Height (mm) ~ 12 × 70
Connections Standard connection usually supplied with the common FPLC instruments (such as ӒKTA™)
Max Pressure (psi /bar/MPa) 200/14/1.38
Frit Pore Size 10 µm
Chemical Stability Stable in all commonly used reagents
Capacity (ml of packed resin) 8
Accessories FPLC Luer lock-male/ Cat. No. MFC-1 & FPLC Luer lock-female/ Cat. No. FFC-1
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