Sepadextran™-25 Superfine | SD25SF

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Sepadextran-25 Superfine - Cat Number: SD25SF. Supplier: Agarose Beads Technologies.


Sepadextran™ is a beaded gel filtration medium prepared by crosslinking dextran and it is supplied in its dry form. Sepadextran™-25 can be used for protein and nucleic acid purifications being the exclusion limit 5 kD for proteins and 10 bases for nucleic acids. Desalting (before IEX and after HIC or Affinity Chromatography) & buffer exchange (between different chromatography steps) are other uses.

Super Fine grade are for preparative separations and routine laboratory work.

Product Data:

Product Name Sepadextran™-25 Superfine
Cat. No. SD25SF-X
Matrix Crosslinked dextran
Water Regain 2.15-2.25 ml/g
Swelling 4-6 ml/g
Dry Particle Size 20-50 µm (>80%)
Wet Particle Size 35-90 µm
Maximum Operating Pressure Generally obeys Darcy’s Law: U=Ko ΔP/L Where: U= linear flow rate(cm/h). ΔP= pressure drop over gel bead (cm H2O). L= bed high(cm). Ko=9
Fractionation Range 1-5 kDa for globular proteins, 100-5,000 Da for dextrans
pH Stability 2.0 to 13
Autoclavable 121˚C, pH 7.0 (30 minutes)
Chemical Stability All commonly used buffers, including: 0.1 M NaOH; 0.01 M HCl; 1 M acetic acid; 8 M urea; 6 M guanidine HCl; 1% SDS, 24% Ethanol; 30% Propanol; 30% Acetonitrile
Remarks This product is produced based on a customer order. Delivery time may be longer.
Storage Temperature Ambient
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Additional Information

100 g
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