AffiAB® Goat Anti-Albumin Polyclonal IgG Antibody

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This Goat Anti-Albumin Polyclonal IgG Antibody is designed for detection and quantitation of albumins in mouse, rat, and other mammalian serum and plasma samples with high efficiency and specificity. Ideal for use in ELISA and western blotting.

Host: Goat
Species: Bovine


AffiAB® Goat Anti-Albumin Polyclonal IgG Antibody is a high-quality research antibody produced by AffiGen for use in university labs.

The antibody is raised in goats through immunization with purified albumin protein from the species of interest, such as human or mouse. The resulting polyclonal antibody specifically recognizes and binds to albumin protein, making it a useful tool for researchers studying albumin expression and function in various biological samples.

The AffiAB® Goat Anti-Albumin Polyclonal IgG Antibody is primarily used in applications such as Western blotting, ELISA, and immunohistochemistry to detect and measure albumin expression in biological samples. Its high specificity and sensitivity make it an excellent choice for researchers studying the roles of albumin in various physiological and pathological processes, including liver function, kidney function, and protein transport.

Due to its polyclonal nature, this antibody can recognize multiple epitopes on the albumin protein, which can increase its versatility and sensitivity in various applications. Moreover, its goat IgG origin can provide some advantages over traditional mammalian antibodies, such as better signal-to-noise ratio and less non-specific binding.

Overall, the Goat Anti-Albumin Polyclonal IgG Antibody is a valuable research tool for investigating the expression and function of albumin protein in various biological samples. Its high specificity, sensitivity, and versatility make it a reliable choice for researchers in university labs.

Gene Identifier/Accession Number: ENSG00000163631
Form: N/A
Concentration: 2,5 mg/mL
Type: Primary
Clonality: Polyclonal
Isotype: IgG
Conjugation: Unconjugated

Application: Western Blot

Storage: For continuous use, store at 2-8 C for one-two days. For extended storage, store in -20 C freezer. Working dilution samples should be discarded if not used within 12 hours.
Special instructions: The antibody solution should be gently mixed before use.
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