AffiAB® Goat anti-ERBB1 Polyclonal IgG Antibody

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The AffiAB® Goat Anti-ERBB1 Polyclonal IgG Antibody is a reliable source for research, development, and other diagnostic applications. This antibody is specifically designed to support the accurate identification of the ERBB1 gene. With a polyclonal immunoglobulin G (IgG) format, the antibody’s specificity and sensitivity are optimized, making it a reliable and useful laboratory tool.

Host: Goat
Species: Human

AffiAB® Goat anti-ERBB1 Polyclonal IgG Antibody is a type of antibody produced by goats that targets and binds to the ERBB1 protein. The ERBB1 protein, also known as epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), is a transmembrane protein that plays a role in cell proliferation, differentiation, and survival. Dysregulation of ERBB1 has been linked to the development and progression of various cancers, making it an important target for cancer therapy. The AffiAB® Goat anti-ERBB1 Polyclonal IgG Antibody can be used in various applications, such as western blotting, immunoprecipitation, and immunohistochemistry, to study the expression and function of ERBB1 in different tissues and cell types.
Gene Identifier/Accession Number: ENSG00000146648
Form: N/A
Concentration: 2,5 mg/mL
Type: Primary
Clonality: Polyclonal
Isotype: IgG
Conjugation: Unconjugated

Application: Western Blot, Immunohistochemistry PARAFFIN PROTOCOL , Immunohistochemistry FROZEN

Storage: For continuous use, store at 2-8 C for one-two days. For extended storage, store in -20 C freezer. Working dilution samples should be discarded if not used within 12 hours.
Special instructions: The antibody solution should be gently mixed before use.
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