AffiAB® Goat anti-MBP Polyclonal IgG Antibody

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Goat Anti-MBP IgG Polyclonal AntibodyAB0060

Overview: Goat polyclonal antibody to Maltose binding protein (MBP). MBP is a 44 kDa protein and widely used in MBP plasmid expression vectors as a fusion protein with foreign proteins. The insertion of MBP tag offers an easy and universal strategy for the identification and purification of proteins derived by recombinant DNA technology. The insertion of MBP creates a stable fusion product that does not interfere with the bioactivity of the protein or with the biodistribution of the MBP tagged product.

Other Names: ECK4026, JW3994, Mal E, Maltose binding protein antibody.

Other Names: ECK4026, JW3994, Mal E, Maltose binding protein antibody.

Concentration: 3 mg/ml

Antibody Type: Primary

Target Type: anti-MBP

Accession Number: N/A

Host Species: Goat

Immunogen Species: N/A

Immunogen Type: Recombinant protein

Immunogen: Purified recombinant peptide produced in E. coli.

Isotype: IgG

Clonality: Polyclonal

Confirmed Reactive Species: MBP

Specificity Detail: In lysates of E. coli cells transformed with pMAL plasmids detects a band of 44 kDa by Western blot.

Buffer: PBS, 20% glycerol and 0.05% sodium azide

Purification: Epitope affinity purified

Conjugation: Unconjugated

Format: N/A

Application: WB

Concentration/Dilution: WB:1:500-1:2,000


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