AlbuTrial™ PLUS Kit

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  • AlbuTrial™ PLUS Kit
  • AlbuTrial™ PLUS Kit
  • AlbuTrial™ PLUS Kit
  • AlbuTrial™ PLUS Kit
  • AlbuTrial™ PLUS Kit
  • AlbuTrial™ PLUS Kit
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Trial kits includes 5 preps AlbuSorb™ PLUS and 5 preps AlbuVoid™ PLUS

AlbuSorb™ PLUS

Albumin + IgG Depletion Kit From Serum or Plasma

  • >400 µg total serum protein mass (> 85% Albumin, >85% IgG depleted) from 25 µl serum prep
  • Affinity-type equivalence for Albumin, IgGs, Complement, virtually no cross-reactivity with other proteins
  • Disposable, no column regeneration or cross-contamination
  • Combines unique bead technology, not based on Blue-dye affinity, with optimized Protein A
  • Mild conditions maintains structural integrity and simple transfer to secondary analysis
  • Suitable for immunoassay, Western blot, 1 & 2D Electrophoresis, enzyme assay, LC-MS
  • Suitable for most species including human, sheep, bovine, rabbit, mouse, rat

AlbuVoid™ PLUS

Albumin and IgG Depletion From Serum/Plasma for Proteomics

  • IgG removal >90% (70-80% of total Immunoglobulins removed)
  • Albumin removal >95% from 25 µl serum prep
  • Seamless and simple < 1 hour protocol
  • Low abundance enrichment equivalent to immuno-affinity
  • Disposable, cost-effective, no column regeneration or cross-contamination
  • Works for most species tested including human, sheep, rat, mouse, bovine
  • On-bead protocols improve workflow and efficiency, especially suited to targeted proteomics
  • Suitable for LC-MS, 1 and 2D Gels, ELISAs, Enzyme and other Functional Assays.
Product Size Quantity of Serum Processed Product Code
AlbuTrial™ PLUS Kit 5 Preps of AlbuVoid™ PLUS
and 5 preps of AlbuSorb™ PLUS
25 µl serum prep AVPS

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