Roche Covid-19 AutoTest

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  • Roche Covid-19 AutoTest
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The kit is ready to use and contains everything needed to perform the test.

The following items are required for a rapid test and are included in the kit:

  1. Test device (individually packaged in foil pouch with desiccant)
  2. Tube with extraction buffer and holder
  3. Dispenser cap
  4. Sterile swab
  5. Packing leaflet

Instructions for use (4 steps)

1. Sample collection

Before performing the test, please wash your hands. Remove the swab from the packaging, making sure to touch it only by its handle. Tilt your head back slightly. Insert the swab into one nostril. Slowly push the swab down about 2cm (parallel to the palate) until you feel resistance. In doing so, do not exert any pressure. Rotate the swab 4 times (about 15 seconds in total) in the nostril, against the nasal wall, then remove it from the nose. Repeat the operation with the same swab in the other nostril.

2. Sample extraction

Place the swab in a tube containing extraction buffer. Squeeze the bottom area of the tube and rotate the swab back and forth more than 10 times. Continue squeezing the sides of the tube as you remove the swab to wring it out as much as possible. Firmly press the dispenser cap onto the tube.

3. Application of extracted sample

Place the analyzer on a flat surface. Hold the tube vertically above the marked round field (not the rectangular result window). Place exactly 4 drops in the field. If necessary, slightly squeeze the tube for this. Note: you can continue the test even if you accidentally applied 5 drops.

4. Result Reading

Set the stopwatch and read the test result after 15-30 minutes. If the test result is read after more than 30 minutes, the result may be false.


Interpretation of the result

Correct interpretation of the Roche Corona rapid test

Positive result

The presence of a test line (T), no matter how faint, and a control line (C) indicates a positive result.

A positive result means you most likely have COVID-19.

Please consult your doctor immediately. Stay at home and avoid contact with other people. If necessary, your doctor will order a confirmation PCR test.

Negative result

The presence of a control line (C) (however faint) but no test line (T), indicates a negative result.

You are unlikely to have COVID-19. Even in the event of a negative result, all protection and hygiene measures must continue to be respected.

Even if the test result is negative, an infection may be present. If in doubt (if you have persistent symptoms or if your symptoms are getting worse), contact your doctor.

Invalid result

If no control line (C) is visible, the test is considered invalid (the test did not perform well).

Take a closer look: even if the control line is only faintly visible, the test can be considered valid. You may not have performed the test correctly. Read the instructions for use carefully and repeat the test.

If the test results are still not valid, please contact your doctor or pharmacist.

The advantages of the test

Quick result

The result is available in 15 minutes.

Using the Corona rapid test allows you to identify immediately if you are infectious. In the event of a positive result, you will know it immediately and can thus contribute to the protection of others.

Simple self-test

Since the sample is taken from the lower nasal area, the swab is relatively comfortable. All necessary materials are included in the test kit.

Very high precision

Thanks to the high reliability of the rapid test, you can determine your infection status with a high degree of accuracy.1

Mutations from, for example, England, Brazil and South Africa2 or the mRNA vaccine have no influence on the reliability of the test results.

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1 Review

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    Posted by Lieven Gevaert on 3rd May 2022

    Este ensayo está destinado a detectar el antígeno delncovid en individuos con sospecha de profesional en el laboratorio y en los puntos de atención, o para la auto recolección bajo la supervisión de un trabajador de a salud.

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