Anti-Estradiol, monoclonal, clone BCAB1351

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anti-Estradiol, monoclonal, clone BCAB1351 | 11 510 001\11 510 010 | BioTeZ

Product Features:

Product Group: Antibody

Minimum Shelf life Time in months: 6 months

Package size (cm) in Europe/ ouside Europe: 26 x 17 x 19 \26 x 17 x 19

Application: For detection of 17β-Estradiol in ELISA. Can be used for coating. Each laboratory should determine an optimum working concentration for use in ist particular application. Other Applications have not been tested but they should not necessarily be excluded.

Concentration: n

Buffe: PBS, with 0,1% Azide

Molecular Weight: 150 kDa

Host: mouse

Clonality: monoclonal

Conjugate: with label on request, e.g. Biotin, FITC, HRP

Immunogen Info: Estradiol

Product description: Mab to 17β-Estradiol. The immune lymphocytes from BALB/c mice were extracted from lymph nodes and fused with myeloma sp2/0 cells according to a standard protocol.

Reactivity: Estradiol

Cross Reactivity: 17β-Estradiol (100%), 17α-Ethinyl-17β-estradiol (0.7%), Mestranol (0.5%), 16α,17β-Estratriol (0.13%), Estrone (0.02%), 17α-Estradiol (0.009%), Norethisterone acetate (0.002%)

No Cross Reactivity:

Sequence: N/A

Addtional Names: N/A

Specificity: Estradiol

Format: lyophilized

Purity: >95% pure. Purity is tested by electrophoresis.

Purification: Protein G purified

Storage: -20°C long term; +4°C short term

Shipping Temp Min: -80°C +37°C

Isotype: IgG1

Clone: BCAB1351

Source: mouse

Gene ID: N/A

Uniprot/NCBI/GeneID: N/A

NCBI Official Symbol: N/A

NCBI Official Full Name: N/A

NCBI Organism: N/A

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