Streptavidin-coated microwells (transparent)

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Streptavidin-coated microwells (transparent) | 05114E00-005\05114E00-025\05114E00-100 | BioTeZ

Product Features:

Type: coated Microplate

Reactivity : Biotin

Antigen : Biotin

Detection Range : N/A

Application : Streptavidin-coated solid phase serves as a reliable capture surface for any biotinylated molecule.

Description : 12 x 8-well strips and frame, C well, polystyrene strips, clear, breakable (C8 Lockwell Maxisorp).This approach is especially useful for molecules which cannot be immobilised via passive adsorption (e.g. peptides, carbohydrates, haptens, hydrophilic compounds) or are denatured by random hydrophobic interaction. Applications include EIA techniques, DNA hybridisation assays, quantification of PCR products and receptor-ligand studies.

Research Area : immuno assays

Specificity : biotin labelled molecules

Immunogen : N/A

Sensitivity : N/A

Predicted Reactivity : Biotin

Cross Reactivity : N/A

Minimum Shelf life time in months : 12 months

Storage Shipping Temp Min : > 0 to +37°C

Storage Shipping Temp Max : 37°C

Storage Long Term : 2-8°C

Principle : Streptavidin coated microplate

Components : Streptavidin coated microplate to immobilize biotinylated molecules

Characteristics : microplate

Sample Type :

Format : microplate

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