BT-20 Cell Line | C0006014

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BT-20 Cell Line | C0006014 from AddexBio Supplied by Gentaur Genprice.

A variety of cell lines is provided: cancer, immortalized, primary, and stable cell lines for research studies. These cell lines can be used to improve our understanding of diseases. We only carry quality and identified cell lines and they are validated. (Please feel free to discuss with us at if you need cell lines that you cannot locate them in our website)

Disease: Carcinoma

Origine: This breast tumor line was established in 1958 by isolation and cultivation of cells spilling out of the tumor when it was cut in thin slices. �

Species: Homo sapiens

Storage Conditions: LN2

Cell import requirements: Some available cell lines are derived from species covered by CITES. Depending on the classification of the species, a CITES export permit or both export and import permits may be required. Most of our collections do not need permits.

Precautions: Purchaser shall ensure that its employees or others who handle the Materials on its behalf are made aware of the hazards and risks involved in handling human biological materials and of the relevant provisions of this Agreement. Purchaser shall ensure that it has in place all necessary safety procedures and practices and that its employees and others comply with all safety requirements necessary for their protection from harm.

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