Respiratory Viral screening & identification MAb | ACRESI

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Respiratory Viral screening & identification MAb | ACRESI | Vircell


Staining kit for the detection of adenovirus, influenza A, influenza B, parainfluenza 1, parainfluenza 2, parainfluenza 3 and respiratory syncytial virus by immunofluorescence technique in cell culture and clinical samples

  • Complete solution for respiratory virus testing – screening and identification
  • Rapid, sensitive and specific detection of the 7 major viruses causing respiratory infections
  • Especially useful in the early stage of infection
  • Simple, reliable and affordable technique. It allows confirming the quality of the sample
  • One-step detection - high quality FITC-labelled monoclonal antibodies
  • Slides and all the necessary reagents included in the kit. Individual components also available for sale

The immunofluorescence method is based upon the reaction of specific monoclonal antibodies (MAb) contained in the kit with the antigen in the sample. The antibodies react with the antigen and the antibodies not bound are removed in the washing step. The antigen-antibody complexes are visualized with the aid of the fluorescein conjugated to the antibody directly.

Main benefits:
Highly sensitive and specific technique. Its use enables:

  • Early diagnosis – antigen detection technique, especially useful in the early stages of the infection.
  • One-step detection – using high quality FITC-labelled monoclonal antibodies.
  • Complete solution for respiratory virus testing - screening and identification of the main viruses causing respiratory infections.
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