Legionella pneumophila IFA IgG | PLEPNG

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Legionella pneumophila IFA IgG | PLEPNG | Vircell


Indirect immunofluorescent assay kits to test Legionella antibodies in human serum/plasma.

  • Antigen without filamentous forms to avoid false positive results
  • Complete panel: IgG, IgM L. pneumophila sg 1, IgG L. pneumophila sgs 1-6 and IgG Legionella sp.
  • All the reagents are included in the kit and they are, except for the PBS, supplied ready to use

Immunofluorescence is still the gold standard technique for the serological diagnosis of some parameters such as Bartonella, Coxiella, Legionella, Chlamydia, Rickettsia, etc. As it allows do dilutions of the sample, it offers a quantitative value that sometimes is very helpful to diagnose the patient.

This technique is performed with a very simple protocol, but it requires some experience in the reading and interpretation of results.

Vircell has extensive experience in the development and production of kits of immunofluorescence kits and offers an extensive range of unique, value added products. Our multitest kits, with great acceptance in the market, are our main distinctive. P- references offer all the necessary reagents to perform the technique: slides, controls, PBS, mounting medium, conjugates and sorbent when necessary. S- references contain slides.

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