Agarose LE, Ultra-Pure Molecular Biology Grade

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Ultra-Pure LE Agarose can be used for all routine electrophoresis applications. This agarose has excellent performance for analytical or preparative nucleic acid electrophoresis and blotting.

  • High quality, molecular biology grade agarose
  • Excellent DNA resolution with low background
  • No detectable DNase/RNase activity
  • Ideal for all routine electrophoresis and blotting applications

Agarose LE, Ultra-Pure Molecular Biology Grade

It has low electroendosmosis (EEO) which confers high electrophoretic mobility. Ultra-pure LE Agarose has high strength and shows low background after staining with common nucleic acid dyes. Each lot is validated for use with Biotium’s GelRed®, GelGreen®, and DNAzure® gel stains.

High Quality and High Performance

Biotium’s Ultra-Pure LE Agarose has been evaluated to meet the follows specifications; moisture, ash and sulfate content, electroendosmosis, clarity, gel strength, gelling temperature, melting temperature, and DNase/RNase activity. See Sidebar or PI for details.

Also see our GelRed® Agarose, precoated with non-toxic, non-mutagenic GelRed® Dye, for greater safety and convenience.

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