MeatDetect qPCR Kit Pork (Halal)

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shipped on gel packs
Storage Conditions:
store at -20 °C avoid freeze/thaw cycles
Shelf Life:
12 months
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MeatDetect qPCR Kit Pork (Halal) | PCR-701 from Gentaur is available for delivery.

General Information

Accurate identification of animal species, detection of substandard meat and quality control in vegetarian or religiously controlled products (e.g. halal) is essential to ensure a high level of food safety. Therefore, the need for scientifically based species identification is becoming increasingly important. PCR is an excellent method for the analysis of food and feed samples, enabling rapid and accurate monitoring.

Jena Bioscience MeatDetect qPCR Kit - Pork (Halal) allows the fast and sensitive detection of pork in raw, cooked or processed food products. The kit is designed for use by food and feed producers, food control authorities or analytical laboratories.

Intended Use

MeatDetect qPCR Kit - Pork (Halal) is a highly sensitive test system for detection of pork DNA using real-time PCR. Even minimal amounts of pork DNA in food or feed samples are reliably detected. The assay includes an internal positive control (IPC) in the reaction mix to semi-quantify amplification, detect false negative results and exclude the presence of inhibitory substances.

 The kit combines simple handling with extremely fast detection of pork in less than 1 hour. All components required for DNA extraction and real-time PCR are included.

Kit Contents

Quality Control

 Each lot of the Jena Bioscience MeatDetect qPCR kit - Pork (Halal) is tested against predetermined specifications to ensure consistent product quality.


The kit should be stored at -20°C. Minimize the exposure of the qPCR Master to light. Repeated thawing and freezing should be avoided as it may reduce assay sensitivity. Short term storage at 4 °C is possible. When stored properly, the kit is stable until the stated expiration date.

Safety Information

The kit and all included reagents are intended for in vitro use only. The kit is designed for research use only.

  • The product shall only be used by specially instructed and trained personnel.
  • Strict compliance with the user manual is required to obtain optimal PCR results.
  • For detailed information, refer to the appropriate material safety data sheet (MSDS).
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