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CMV RT-PCR | V7-100FRT from Sacace Biotechnologies is available for delivery


General information: CMV RT-PCR Real Time PCR test for detection of Cytomegalovirus

Target Disease Type: Herpes Virus Infections

Specific Application: Cytomegalovirus (CMV)

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CMV RT-PCR (CE) V7-100FRT DataSheet


CMV Real-TM PCR kit is an in vitro nucleic acid amplification test for qualitative detection of human cytomegalovirus (CMV) DNA in the clinical materials (urogenital swabs, urine samples, saliva, whole human blood) by using real-time hybridization-fluorescence detection. The results of PCR analysis are taken into account in complex diagnostics of disease.


CMV DNA detection by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is based on the amplification of pathogen genome specific region using special primers. In real-time PCR the amplified product is detected using fluorescent dyes. These dyes are usually linked to oligonucleotide probes which bind specifically to the amplified product during thermocycling. The real-time monitoring of the fluorescence intensities during the real-time PCR allows the detection of accumulating product without re-opening the reaction tubes after the PCR run. CMV Real-TM PCR kit is a qualitative test that contains the Internal Control (IC). It must be used in the extraction procedure in order to control the extraction process of each individual sample and to identify possible reaction inhibition.


CMV Real-TM is stable up to the expiration date indicated on the kit label. The product will maintain performance through the control date printed on the label. The shelf life of reagents before and after the first use is the same, unless otherwise stated. Exposure to light, heat or humidity may affect the shelf life of some of the kit components and should be avoided. Repeated thawing and freezing of these reagents should be avoided, as this may reduce the sensitivity. Components stored under conditions other than those stated on the labels may not perform properly and may adversely affect the assay results.

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