Mycobacterium tuberculosis Diff RT-PCR | B41-50FRT

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis Diff RT-PCR | B41-50FRT from Sacace Biotechnologies is available for delivery


General information: Real Time PCR test for detection of TB

Target Disease Type: Respiratory Infections

Specific Application: Mycobacterium tuberculosis detection and differenziatio

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis Diff RT-PCR B41-50FRT DataSheet


Tuberculosis (abbreviated as TB for tubercle bacillus) is a common and deadly infectious disease caused by mycobacteria, mainly Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tuberculosis most commonly attacks the lungs (as pulmonary TB) but can also affect the central nervous system, the lymphatic system, the circulatory system, the genitourinary system, bones, joints and even the skin. Other mycobacteria such as Mycobacterium bovis, Mycobacterium africanum and Mycobacterium microti can also cause tuberculosis. Over one-third of the world's population has been infected by the TB bacterium, and new infections occur at a rate of one per second. Not everyone infected develops the full-blown disease; asymptomatic, latent TB infection is most common. However, one in ten latent infections will progress to active TB disease, which, if left untreated, kills more than half of its victims.

Early diagnosis of tuberculosis makes effective treatment possible and increases the probability of clinical outcome owing to quite effective antituberculosis therapy, however the tuberculosis diagnosis has certain difficulties. According to international standards, tuberculosis diagnosis must be confirmed either by bacteriology or by histology studies, but the bacteriological methods do not always allow to detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis in people affected with pulmonary tuberculosis and especially with extrapulmonary tuberculosis.

The application of molecular biology methods allow to overcome the difficulties in the diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, but due to the biological peculiarities of this microorganism and immune response of human organism, tuberculosis can not be diagnosed only by one method.


The development of a test to differentiate between infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis or Mycobacterium bovis and vaccination with M. bovis BCG could greatly assist in the diagnosis of early infection as well as enhance the use of tuberculosis vaccines on a wider scale. This kit is meant to be used with samples already tested and found positive for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex with Sacace kit MTB Real-TM (REF B15-50FRT).


kit MTB Diff Real-TM is a Real-Time Amplification test for the qualitative detection and differentiation of M.tuberculosis, M.bovis and M. bovis BCG in the sputum, urine, blood, bronchial lavages, tissue and other biological materials. DNA is amplified using Real Time Amplification and detected using fluorescent reporter dye probes specific for M. tuberculosis, M.bovis, M. bovis BCG and IC.

M.tuberculosis is detected on the Fam (Green) channel, M.bovis and M. bovis BCG on the Joe (Yellow)/HEX/ TET/Cy3 channel, M. bovis BCG on the Rox (Orange)/TexasRed channel and IC on the Cy5 (Red) channel.

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