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Testing for bioengineered or Genetically Modified Organism crops, popularly known as "GMOs”, has become necessary for international trade due to legislation enacted in a number of countries worldwide. Eurofins GeneScan is the industry leader in GMO testing. Our scientists help seed producers, farmers and grain handlers, ingredient and food manufacturers, as well as retailers, manage GMO-related compliance and labeling issues in local or global supply chains.  We are happy to assist with any GMO testing related considerations, for example

  - Should a particular product in a given supply chain be tested or not?
  - The most appropriate testing to demonstrate compliance with a country’s regulations? 
  - What testing do domestic, private ‘Non-GMO’ verification programs require?
Our customers can rely on the best possible advice from experienced experts familiar with GMO testing and many other questions.

Relevant Products

 - Soybeans

 - Corn

 - Canola

 - Sugar Beets

 - Papaya

 - Squash/Zucchini

 - Finished Feeds/Pellets

 - Corn or soy flour, grits, meal, flakes

Specific Analyses

Our GeneScan carries an unrivaled, comprehensive portfolio of validated real-time PCR tests for GMO testing, including all commercialized or otherwise relevant bioengineered crops, starting with general ‘screening’ tests down to numerous tests that are selective for individual ‘events’ of interest.

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