Immunoplate for Tumor-derived Exosome Capture and Enrichment from human Plasma | PTF-CC

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36 months
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Immunoplate for Tumor-derived Exosome capture and enrichment from human plasma | PTF-CC from HansaBioMed Supplied by Gentaur Genprice.

Product Overview: Our multiwell plates are standard 96-well format where assays can be conducted as singletons and/or multiple wells. This enables optimization of a wide range of sandwich ELISA assays or other downstream applications, such as RNA extraction and proteomic analyses. Transparent, white and black plates are available depending on the downstream detection approach (colorimetric, luminometric and fluorimetric).

Storage Temprature: + 4 C

Shipping Temprature: + 4 C or RT

Shelf life: 36 months

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