alpha Amylase Saliva Enzymatic Assay | RE80111

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Standard range:
0 - 400 U/mL
Specimen / Volumes:
10 µL Saliva
Substrate / isotope TMB 450 nm:
  • alpha Amylase Saliva Enzymatic Assay | RE80111
  • alpha Amylase Saliva Enzymatic Assay | RE80111
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alpha Amylase Saliva Enzymatic Assay | RE80111

Non-invasive marker for
measuring sympathetic activity

The IBL International alpha-Amylase Saliva Assay allows fast and reliable measurement of α-amylase activity in as little as 10 µl saliva and at room temperature, giving greater flexibility. With help of the standards and controls included in the kit, the activity of the samples can be directly read from the standard curve.

Salivary α-Amylase activity acts as a stress indicator

α-Amylase is one of the most important proteins in saliva, where it catalyses the breakdown of starch into sugars and exerts its anti-bacterial bacteria function. It is produced in the saliva glands and its secretion is regulated by the sympathetic nervous system. Studies show that the secretion of salivary α-amylase is associated with the production of plasma noradrenalin. Therefore, salivary α-amylase may act as a sensitive biomarker for stress-related changes in the body that reflect the activity of the sympathetic nervous system.
The secretion of salivary α-amylase is different from that of cortisol, which is more a marker of the hypothalamus-adrenal axis. Concomitant measurement of α-amylase and cortisol activity in saliva may contribute to a more comprehensive evaluation of stress responses.

alpha amylase


The growing field of salivary α-Amylase research includes

  • Acute physiological stress
  • Chronic stress
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Behavior research
  • Cognitive function
  • Health management
  • Oral medicine

All about saliva diagnostics

All the IBL International Saliva Immunoassays have been developed specifically for saliva measurement. Saliva is increasingly becoming the specimen of choice in the daily practice of clinical diagnosis. Sample collection is non-invasive, painless and very convenient, in particular for patients. Samples can be taken any time, even in situations where blood collection is difficult or inadvisable.

IBL has introduced a special ultrapure polypropylene sampling device called SaliCap, which ensures excellent recovery of any steroids in the saliva, including melatonin and α-amylase.

Enzymatic assay for the measurement of the alpha Amylase activity in saliva samples.
Salivary alpha Amylase activity correlates with the Sympathoadrenal Medullary System activity. It provides important additional information for the understanding of psychological states and psychiatric / psychosomatic diseases.

Free salivary cortisol is an established non-invasive marker of the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis activity. Now salivary alpha Amylase seems to represent a such well characterized marker for the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. This parameter shows relations with chronic stress, posttraumatic stress disorder, behavior, cognitive function and health.


For concrete data please consult the Instruction for Use in the download box on the top right side.

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