LaunchWorks Viral Transport Media (VTM)

The FDA has issued Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) for numerous molecular and antigen tests for detection of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Our Viral Transport Media is listed per FDA guidance, “Enforcement Policy for Viral Transport Media during the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency.”  The VTM is manufactured in the LaunchWorks CDMO facility which is FDA registered, cGMP compliant, and ISO 13485:2016 certified.

VTM Specimen Kit:

 - 1 tube with 3 mLs of sterile LaunchWorks VTM
 - Biohazard bag - tube labeled per CDC instructions
 - Absorbent pad


 - Nylon-flocked NP swab
 - Barcode or QP-coded
labels (up to 3)
 - Patient Card
 - UN 3373 Return Box

Swab Specifications:

 - Naseopharyngeal swab
 - Individually packaged
 - Nylon flocked
 - 155mm, 80 mm breakpoint

 - FDA-registered Manufacturer
 - Ethylene Oxide Sterlization
 - 2 year shelf-life
 - CE-marked

Launchworks VTM Recipe:

 - Fetal Bovine Serum (sterile, heat
inactivated, USDA approved)
 - Hanks Balanced Salt Solution
(no phenol red)

 - Gentamicin
 - Amphotericin B
 - Physiological pH range

Media Specifications

 - Microbial Sterility Tested
 - DNAse and Protease free Tested

Viral Transport Media (VTM)