Preston Campylobacter Agar Base | DM251D

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Preston Campylobacter Agar Base | DM251D

For the isolation of campylobacters from faeces.

MAST Preston Campylobacter Agar Base (DM251) is designed for use with MAST Camp Selectatab (Preston Blood Free) MS18 or Selectavial SV18 to prepare the selective medium recommended by Bolton.1,2 The medium was formulated for the isolation of Campylobacter jejuni and C.coli as well as NARTC (Naladixic Acid Resistant Thermophilic Campylobacters) from human faecal specimens. MAST Preston Campylobacter Agar Base (DM251) has been developed for use without blood (whole or lysed) and includes charcoal, ferrous sulphate and sodium pyruvate which have been found to enhance the growth and aerotolerance of Campylobacter spp.


1. Suspend by swirling 51.55g of powder in 1 litre or the contents of the sachet in the stated volume of distilled or deionised water. Boil gently until completely dissolved.
2. Autoclave at 121ºC (15p.s.i.) for 15 minutes.
3. Mix well before pouring.
4. The medium can be made selective by the use of MAST Campylobacter Selecta-tab/Selectavial (Preston Blood Free) MS18/SV18.

Technical Formula

In Use

Specimens can be inoculated directly on to plates of the supplemented medium and for maximum recovery of campylobacters the plates should be incubated in a 10% CO2 atmosphere at 42ºC for 48 hours, although colonies of campylobacters may be visible after 24 hours.
Campylobacter jejuni produce grey, moist, flat, spreading colonies after 42 hours at 42ºC. Campylobacter coli tend to be creamy-grey, moist, slightly raised, discrete colonies.


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