WB Stripping Solution

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WB Stripping Solution | 05364-55 from Nacalai Tesque is available for delivery.


  • No heating: reaction at room temperature
  • No odor: does not contain 2-mercaptoethanol
  • Fast: stripping time 5-15 minutes
  • Ready to use: one solution in one bottle

Product Information

WB Stripping Solution removes conjugated antibodies from
blots, enabling subsequent detections with different antigens on the very same blotting membrane. After the first antigenantibody reaction and following chemiluminescent visualization, the antibody can be removed by the WB Stripping Solution. A second antigen-antibody reaction can be conducted on the same blotting membrane. The same blotting membrane can be probed 2-5 times if chemiluminescent detection is employed. Alternately, one blot can be used multiple times under different conditions to optimise results of antigen-antibody reactions!

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