Biocidal ZF

Posted by Maxanim Team on 17th Oct 2020

Biocidal ZF™ N-86620 is Special spray-disinfectant for incubators and laminar flow hoods for protecting cultures against bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses.

Non-volatile: Active antimicrobial ingredients are non-volatile. They protect cell cultures from microbial contamination and do not invade cell cultures via air. Thus cell cultures are protected against contamination and the disinfectant itself.

Active ingredients: Quaternary ammonium compounds and auxilliary components.

Application: Ready-to-use solution. Surfaces are cleaned and sprayed with Biocidal ZF™. Let dry.
Incubators should be disinfected every 4 weeks. Biocidal ZF™ can also be used to disinfect the outside surfaces of cell culture flasks.


Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

Store at room temperature.

Use biocides carefully.
Always read the label and product information before use.

Ordering information:

  Cat     Size     Price
  WAK-ZF-1     1 x 1 L     €104.00
  WAK-ZF-6     6 x 1 L     €391.00
  WAK-ZF-12     12 x 0.2 L     €299.00
  WAK-ZF-5     5 L Canister     €345.00

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