FastAmp Direct PCR

We invented a truly innovative product in the FastAmp® Plant Direct PCR Kit, Genotyping kit and Plant Direct PCR & Genotyping Solution. The FastAmp® line of products allows for easy and robust amplification of DNA fragments from plant tissues with high specificity and high sensitivity without the need of complicated DNA purification steps. The advanced formulation of these products also allows fast PCR cycling conditions without compromising PCR sensitivity, specificity and yield. FastAmp® Plant Direct PCR is an ideal and powerful for high-throughput genotyping, DNA amplification, and plant genome analysis.


Save Time — No requirement of prior DNA extraction or any other intermediary steps leads to SHORT PCR protocol times.
Robust Reagents — Proprietary buffers helps extract more DNA from any plant tissue. Our reagents are more tolerant to plant PCR inhibitors such as polysaccharides, polyphenols and others,
Tested Reproducibility — Tested thoroughly for reproducible and accurate results.
Sensitive — High expression from each experiment

Convenient — Compatible with all real-time PCR instruments.

Variety of Product options

FastAmp® Plant Direct PCR Kit – Superb PCR option for a single or multiple plant samples

FastAmp® Plant Tissue & Seed Genotyping Kit – Best for those that need to perform multiple genotyping experiments on the same samples

FastAmp® Plant Direct PCR & Genotyping Solution – Excellent choice for researchers who must use an alternate PCR mix than provided in our kits

17th Oct 2020 Maxanim Team

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