MultiBac™ expression system uses DNA recombination to allow for easy, high-throughput compatible construction of baculovirus vectors for multiprotein expression in insect cells. Multiprotein coexpression is required to produce protein complexes, such as multivalent vaccines, or multiple individual proteins in the same cell, such as for signaling pathways. Multiexpression technologies are also the cornerstone of the emerging synthetic biology revolution. The MultiBac™ platform has been used for production of whole intact signal transduction pathways such as GPCR signaling cascades, kinase cascades, and protease cascades. MultiBac™ has also been used for production of virus like particles (VLPs) and a wide variety of multiprotein complexes. Baculovirus Expression Vector Systems (BEVS) such as MultiBac™ are a front line technology platform for production of protein kinases, GPCRs and ion channels for drug discovery, and are a major area of interest as delivery vectors for gene therapy. Insect cell expression using baculovirus as a vector is also becoming increasingly used in manufacturing of biopharmceuticals with notable success stories emerging recently including Cervarix® and Flublok®.

Complete MultiBac Kit with Competent Cells

DH10MultiBac Competent Cells

Complete MultiBacMam Kit with Competent Cells

17th Oct 2020 Maxanim Team

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