PanbioTM Covid-19 Ag Rapid Test

PanbioTM Covid-19 Ag Rapid Test

The best Covid kit made in Abbott Laboratories – PanbioTM Covid-19 Ag Rapid Test.

Covid-19 :

The Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus. It spreads by human-to-human transmission via droplets or direct contact. The most common places of infection are mouth, eyes and nose. Incubation period lasts about four to six days. At the beginning of the infection symptoms are very similar to those that appear during Influenza. The most common symptom of this disease is fever, that can appear even over 38°C. Other frequent symptoms at the beginning of the infection are headache and aching muscles. After about three to four days sever cough occurs. It is the most dangerous symptom, because it may cause dyspnoea, which in severe cases would need hospital care.

What is this test:

PanbioTM Covid-19 Ag Rapid Test is an in vitro diagnostic rapid test for detection of previously mentioned virus. It uses nasal swabs to gain possible antibodies. It contains a membrane strip, which is pre-coated with immobilized antibody on the test line and mouse monoclonal anti-chicken IgY on the control line. It uses two types of conjugates: human IgG specific to this virus gold conjugate and chicken IgY gold conjugate. Both of them move upward on the membrane chromatographically and react with previously mentioned virus antibody and pre-coated mouse monoclonal anti-chicken IgY. If the result of this test comes positive, the test line will appear in the result window. A visible control line is required to indicate if the test comes as valid. Non of the lines will be visible in the result window before we apply human specimen.

Provided Materials:

  • 25 test devices
  • buffer – Tricine, Sodium Chloride, Tween 20, Sodium Azide, Proclin 300
  • 25 extraction tubes and 25 extraction tubes caps
  • 1 positive and 1 negative control swab
  • 25 sterilized nasal swabs
  • 1 tube rack
  • 1 quick reference guide
  • 1 instruction

Storage and stability:

  • do not freeze this kit or its components
  • store this kit at a temperature between 2-30°C
  • firmly seal the buffer cap between each usage
  • do not use this test beyond its expiration date
  • nasal swabs should be tested immediately after being collected
  • do not use this test if anything is broken inside the kit


  • do not use this test again after first usage
  • this test is for diagnostic use only
  • this test should be conducted only by a medical professional
23rd Jun 2021

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