OmniLyse® Family Assortment Pack - 24 Preps

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  • OmniLyse® Family Assortment Pack - 24 Preps
  • OmniLyse® Family Assortment Pack - 24 Preps
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OmniLyse® Family Assortment Pack - 24 Preps

Rapid tissue and cell lysis in the field or at the lab bench


Unsure of which device to use for cell or tissue lysis? Why not try them all! ClaremontBio introduces our new OmniLyse® Family Assortment Pack with 24 Preps.The new assortment pack is 4 each of 6 lysers so you do not have to guess which product best suits your application. Included in the assortment is 4 each of OmniLyse®, OmniLyse® HL, OmniLyse® X, OmniLyse® X-mini, and microHomogenizer™ 1.5mL and 2.0mL.

Enjoy the benefits of effective mechanical lysis without the disadvantages of conventional bead beating. Claremont BioSolutions’ (CBIO) micro-motor based OmniLyse®-family of devices allow users to dial in their preferred lysis parameters and offer the flexibility of use at the lab bench, in an ice bucket, in a biological safety hood, or in the field. Vary speed, time of lysis, or sample volume to optimize your sample extraction of nucleic acid or protein.

  • Fast mechanical-based lysis in minutes
  • Simple hand-held design
  • Miniature low-power device
  • Affordable low-cost solution
  • Ideal for field-deployable applications

CBIO devices can be used in-line with many nucleic acid extraction kits, to improve extraction of DNA and RNA. Note: CBIO devices are not compatible with buffers that include phenol, chloroform or TRIzol. Please contact CBIO with any questions about specific applications.

Using any of the OmniLyse® family of devices, it is fast and straightforward to mechanically lyse challenging gram-positive bacteria and other tough-walled organisms, including yeast and protozoan parasites, without time-consuming and less effective digestion or chemical lysis steps. Typically, unbiased lysis yields of approximately 90% can be achieved in less than one minute or approximately 99% in three minutes (up to 5 minutes for oocysts) — ideal for downstream genomic and proteomic analyses. Our patented micro-motor driven, bead-based design generates high shear force to quickly and economically disrupt hard-to-lyse organisms, including Staphylococcus, Bacillus spores, Clostridium, Mycobacteria, Candida, or Giardia/Cryptosporidium/Cyclospora oocysts, within difficult sample matrices, such as stool, soil, blood, or sputum.

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