PPM affects key Krebs cycle and electron transport chain enzymes. At optimal doses, Plant Preservative Mixture™,



It is an extremely effective preservative/biocide that does not affect in vitro germination , proliferation and callus regeneration. It only inhibits barterial, mycotical and fungal growth.

Despite the use of sterile techniques, contamination of plant cell and tissue cultures remains a persistent problem that can result in losses ranging from a small number of cultures to the loss of entire batches.

PPM™ prevents the germination of bacteria and fungus spores. It is heat stable and can therefore be autoclaved with commonly used antibiotic culture media.

PPM™ can, and should, be used as a standard ingredient in plant tissue culture media. In addition, it is less expensive comparedM™ has been primarily designed to inhibit contamination from microbes in the air and water or contamination from human contact, it can also – in many cases – be used to reduce endogenous contamination.

The sole producer of PPM™ is Plant Cell Technologies Inc., of which Gentaur Molecular Products is the official distributor for France and Europe. 

If you reside in a country outside of Metropolitan France, please contact our head office in Belgium on +32 16 58 90 45.

The principal researcher involved in the development and production of PPM™ is Dr. Assaf Guri. Mr. Assaf Guri, who received his degree in Genetics, Applied Genetics and Plant Breeding from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Michigan State University in the United States. Prior to joining Plant Cell Technology, Inc.,

Assaf worked with the Volcani Agricultural Research Center in Israel, Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, and DNAP in New Jersey.

PPM™ (Plant Preservative Mixture) is available in different formats according to the daily needs of our customers:

Reference Condtionnement Unit Price HT
PCT01 30 mL (test)
                 90,00 €
PCT02 100 mL                155,00 €
PCT03 250 mL                305,00 €
PCT04 500 mL                575,00 €
PCT05 1 L                950,00 €

Gentaur France offers discounts for large quantities beyond the second bottle ordered.

Contact us on 01 43 25 01 50 to request a quote or to request a sample certificate of analysis.