Phosphatase (Milk) Kit

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(2x500 ml)
  • Phosphatase (Milk) Kit
  • Phosphatase (Milk) Kit

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Phosphatase (Milk) Kit | 182250 | Reagena

Phosphatase is an enzyme normally found in raw milk. The enzyme is inactivated when pasteurisation is carried out correctly at 72 °C for 15 seconds. If the pasteurisation process fails or if pasteurised milk is contaminated with raw milk, the phosphatase enzyme is active and it is detected by the test.

Reagena PHOSPHATASE (MILK) is a ready-to-use kit for quality control of the pasteurisation process. Reagena PHOSPHATASE (MILK) rapid test is a modification of the Scharer's Phosphatase method according to DIN 10337 norm. It is designed to easily assert if pasteurisation of dairy products has been adequate. The presence of phosphatase in the tested milk is easily detected by naked eye as a yellow colour is formed by reaction to the active phosphatase in the sample. The test has to be performed immediately after pasteurisation.

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