Synthetic Seed Starter Kit

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  • Synthetic Seed Starter Kit
  • Synthetic Seed Starter Kit
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Our Synthetic Seed Starter Kit is a comprehensive toolkit designed for the encapsulation of plant tissues, supporting the creation of synthetic seeds. This method is critical for anyone involved in plant breeding, tissue culture, or genetic preservation, offering an innovative approach to plant propagation.

This streamlined process has been designed to ensure ease of use while maintaining the effectiveness and integrity of the synthetic seeds created with our kit. Whether you are a researcher, a hobbyist, or looking to explore the potential of synthetic seeds, our starter kit provides all the necessary tools to embark on this modern agricultural journey. Discover the efficiency and benefits of using synthetic seeds and be part of a sustainable future!

The Benefits and Applications of the Synthetic Seed Starter Kit:

  • Ease of Handling: Simplify the TC process with seeds that are designed for ease of use.
  • Storage Capacity: Both short-term and long-term storage capabilities without loss of viability.
  • Genetic Uniformity: Each "seed" is genetically identical, leading to stable and predictable agricultural yields.
  • Global Exchange: Facilitates the transportation and exchange of germplasm between laboratories across the globe.
  • Cost-Effective: More economical than traditional seed methods, reducing overall cultivation costs.
  • Mass Propagation: Allows for the economical mass propagation of elite plant varieties, making it ideal for scaling operations.
  • Rapid Multiplication: Speeds up the process of plant multiplication, enabling faster production cycles.

How to Use the Synthetic Seed Preparation Kit:

  1. Place tissue in solution A: Submerge the plant node or meristematic tissue directly in Solution A. Ensure the tissue is thoroughly coated with the solution.
  2. Encapsulate: Using the provided micro-pipettes, carefully suck up the tissue along with a small amount of Solution A.
  3. Stabilize: Release the coated tissue into Solution B. This step will harden the outer layer, forming the synthetic seed.
  4. Scoop Out: Ensure the seed remains immersed in Solution B for a minimum of 5 minutes but not exceeding 10 minutes. Once the seed has stabilized, carefully remove it from Solution B.

Germinate: Transfer the synthetic seed to the bio-coupler to initiate growth under controlled conditions.

What's Included in the Kit:

  • Synthetic Seed Solution A & B: Two specially formulated solutions that encapsulate somatic embryos, shoot buds, or meristematic tissues. These are designed to ensure optimal growth and development.
  • 2x 8 oz Glass Jars: Perfect for mixing, storing, and observing the germination process of your synthetic seeds.
  • 1x Biocoupler: Facilitates the successful germination and development of synthetic seeds by providing optimal environmental conditions for growth initiation.
  • 1x Test Tube: For detailed experimentation and handling of smaller quantities of synthetic seed solutions.
  • 2x Pipettes: To aid in the accurate measurement and transfer of the synthetic seed solutions, giving you control over the process.

Store Synthetic Seed Solution A and B in the refrigerator between 2-8 degrees Celsius

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