TARGATT™ Knock-in iPSC Generation (Master Cell Line) | AST-1100

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1 Vial of 1 x 10^6 Cells

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TARGATT™ Knock-in iPSC Generation (Master Cell Line) | AST-1100 from Applied StemCell is available for Next Week Delivery.


The TARGATT™ Transgenic Kit is designed to create site-specific knock-in transgenic mice at a defined chromosomal locus in a more efficient and significantly faster way over traditional methods. Generating transgenic mice by conventional methods (e.g. pronuclear microinjection or lentiviral injection) has following limitations, first of which is random insertion of the transgene. Random insertion of a transgene results in position effect where either the transgene is prone to silencing or endogenous gene expression is disrupted. Secondly, transgenes can be inserted as multiple copies, resulting in instability at the insertion locus.

The TARGATT™ Transgenic Kits is an essential component for the generation of TARGATT™ site-specific, knock-in transgenic mice. The kits are designed using the same highly optimized protocols that are used in our popular and successful Custom TARGATT™ Mouse Model Generation Service. The kits contain PhiC31 integrase mRNA, control mRNA and embryo-qualified miTE buffer, and are intended for the microinjection of a TARGATT™ donor plasmid (purchased separately) into the pronuclei of TARGATT™ “attP” mouse embryos.

The TARGATT™ Transgenic Kits offers an affordable, efficient and faster alternative for experienced scientists and transgenic core facilities to generate numerous site-specific knock-in mouse models in their own vivarium.

Shelf Life: 6 months

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