Fluorescein -labeled anti-Cryptosporidium antibody | TBS22111

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Fluorescein -labeled anti-Cryptosporidium antibody | TBS22111

This product utilizes the principle of direct immuno-fluorescence assay. The product contains fluorescence labeled monoclonal antibodies against the wall antigens of Cryptosporidium spp. oocyst. The reagent is 1 ml of 1× working solution of fluorescein-labeled anti-Cryptosporidium spp.
oocyst wall monoclonal antibody solution.


  • This reagent is used for detecting Cryptosporidium spp. oocysts by direct immuno-fluorescence assay from fecal, water, and environmental samples.

Storage conditions:

    • The expiration date of the reagent is indicated on the label. To maintain optimal performance, the reagent should be stored at 2°C-8°C and returned to refrigerator promptly after each use. Caution: Do not freeze.
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