AffiVET® Porcine Japanese Encephalitis Virus Antibody Rapid Test Card

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Rapid Test
40 Tests/kit
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Anti-Japanese encephalitis virus antibody rapid test card 

1. Principle

This rapid test is an immuno-chromatographic test, using colloidal gold immunoassay method, to detect the antibody against Japanese encephalitis virus inwhole blood, serum. After adding sample, the sample move along with the colloidal gold labeling JEV antigen, is there is JEV antibody in the sample, it combines with antigen on T line and show wine-red color; if there is no JEV antibody, then no color reaction.

2. Components



JEV Ab test card

40  pieces



40  pieces


Antibody titersColorimetric card

1  piece


Disposable gloves

1  pair



1 piece


3.Test procedure

1) Collect whole blood, separate serum (centrifuge at 2000-3000 r/min for 5~15min or separate out naturally at 4℃overnight), or take whole blood with anticoagulants as sample. Take whole blood without anticoagulants as sample is also OK, but must test it immediately.

2) Open the package, take out test card, put it on clean, flat desk.

3) Use dropper to absorb the sample, adding 3 drops sample into “S” mark well slowly drop by drop.

4) Judge the result in 10-20min, it is invalid beyond 20min.

4.Results judgment

1)Positive: control line and test line are both seen wine red, the more the antibody exist, the thicker the color appear;

2) Weak positive: control line and test line are both seen wine red, but the color of test line is very light;

3)Negative:only control line is seen wine red;

4)Invalidation: control line isn’t seen wine red.

5. Consults for diagnosis

1).If not inoculated by the bacterin against porcineJEV virus:

a. test line don’t appear visible wine red show there are no antibodies against porcine JEV virus in tested samples, if the swine are healthy, it is better to vaccinate in time;

b. test line appear visible wine red show the pig was infected with wild virus, should be more observed to validate.

2). if have been inoculated by the bacterin against porcineJEV virus:

a. the color of test line is thicker than the color of the titer 1:40 from comparison card show the high titer of the antibody against porcine JEV virus, which is enough to resist the strong virus;

b. the color of test line is thinner than the color of the titer 1:40 from comparison card show the the titer of the antibody against porcine JEV virus is not enough to resist the strong virus, it is better to perform complementary vaccination.

6. Storage and expiry date

Store at 2 - 30ºC and the shelf life is 24 months.


1) Do not use test card out of date and bad package;

2) Do not use pure water, running water and normal saline as negative control;

3) Store at room temperature (< 30℃) is OK.If store in cool, need return to room temperature firstly, then open package, avoid moisture. Use the test card as soon as possible after open the package.

4) Do not touch the white membrane surface in the middle of test card.

5) To ensure the test quality, take fresh, unpolluted sample. If there is a lot of blood lipids, it will affect the result, so after centrifuge, take serum to test, avoid fat. If the blood or serum is sticky or not enough, use normal saline to dilute at same dilution factor to dilute, then to test.

6) If the serum can not be tested immediately, store at 4℃for short time (in 48hours), store at below -20℃for long-tern storage.

7) Whole blood without anticoagulants should be tested immediately; if already exist part of cruor, separate serum to test. The whole blood with anticoagulants should be tested in 24hours, do not frozen. Freezing and thawing causes hemolysis of red blood cells rupture, seriously affect the test results.

8) When dropping sample, keep head of dropper and “S” well at 1cm to ensure adding sample accurately. If too close, can cause small droplet volume caused by drips judgment error or is not allowed to join the sample size, influence the test results.

9) Avoid bubble when adding sample, the sample quantity should be controlled at about 100ul (about 3 drops). Too much sample would not increase sensitivity. In particular, the whole blood of excessive have made erythrocyte sedimentation in "show hole" place, causing membrane chromatography is so deep into the red background, seriously affect the results.

10) This test card is only used for porcine sample, whether it is suitable for other animal, it has not been evaluated at present.

11) The antibody level is only related to darkness of T line, no relation with C line. Only the C line is clean to see, it means the test is valid.

12) Treat the test card and sample at pollutant according to local regulations.

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