Porcine Trichinella Spiralis Antibody Rapid Test Card | LSY-20022

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Green Spring Porcine Trichinella Spiralis Antibody Rapid Test Card - LSY-20022 from Shenzhen Lvshiyuan Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

Porcine Trichinella spiralis antibody rapid test card    

Catalog No. LSY-20022

1. Principle

Trichinosis is a zoonotic parasitic disease caused by Trichinella spiralis. It is one of the compulsorytestingdiseases for meat animals inour country. It can be widely spread among humans, pigs, cats, dogs and many other mammals. It is mainly seen in pigs and dogs in domestic animals. Adults parasitize the small intestine of pigs, and larvae parasitize the rhabdomen muscles, which can cause serious diseases and cause great damage to animal husbandry.Not only causeeconomic loss, it also poses a serious threat to human health and life safety.

The Porcine Trichinella spiralis antibody rapid test card uses colloidal gold immunochromatography technology, which can be used for the qualitative detection of Trichinella antibody in pig whole blood and serum.

After the sample is added to the sample hole, the sample moves along the direction of the chromatographic membrane. If the sample contains Trichinella antibody, the Trichinella antibody will combine with the colloidal gold marker to form a complex, and move to the other end of the chromatographic membrane, The complex binds to the antibody coated in the T zone to make a purple-red band appear in the T zone. If there is no Trichinella antibody in the sample, the T zone does not produce a color reaction. The C line is the quality control line, and the color of the C line indicates that the test card is valid.

This test kit cannot be used to distinguish antibody produced by wild virus infection or vaccine immunization.


2. Specifications:  40 tests/kit



Porcine Trichinella spiralis antibody rapid test card

40  pieces



40  pieces



1 piece


4. Sample preparation

4.1 Whole blood

Collect anticoagulated whole blood,test on the same day; 

4.2 Serum

Collect blood, put at 37℃for 1-2h, take the supernatant, centrifuge at 1500r/min for 10min,separate the serum. The serum can store for 2-3 days at 4℃, for long term storage, store at -20℃in frozen.

5.Operation procedures

1) Read the manual carefully and return the test card and sample to room temperature before use.

2) Take out test card, use dropper to absorb the preparedclear upper-layer sample,drip 2-3 drops into wellmark “S” vertically and slowly;or useMicro-pipette to transfer60ul sample intowellmark “S” .

3) Read the results in15min at room temperature.



6. Results


Negative(-):no color reaction on Test Line (T Line),only on Control Line(C Line) being seen red color reaction. It means there is no Trichinella spiralis Ab in sample or thelevelsis lower than the detection threshold;

Positive(+):Both on T Line and C line being seen red color reaction. It means there isTrichinella spiralis Ab in sample;

Invalid: No color reaction on C Line. It means the operation is wrong or the test card is invalid.


1) The test card can be used only once at room temperature, do notreuse oruse test card out of expiry date.

2) When the test card is taken out of the refrigerator, it should be restored to room temperature and then opened. The opened test card should be used as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming invalid after moisture.

3) When handling samples, please be careful and wear protective gloves and masks.

4)This product isonlyfor in vitro rapid diagnostic veterinary use, cannot be quantified, do only qualitative testing.

5)The product test results for reference only,for confirmation, please refer to the relevant national standard methods.


8. Storage and expiry date

Storage:  Store at 4-30℃in dark, sealed, dry place, no frozen.

Expiry date: 12 months; date of production is on box.

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Additional Information

Rapid Test
40 Tests/kit
Serum, whole blood, tissue
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