Anti-CMV IgG (CSF) ELISA | ODZ-102/5ST

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Anti-CMV IgG (CSF) ELISA | ODZ-102/5ST | Vidia spol s.r.o.

Detection Type: Semi-Quantitative, 5 ST Quantitative

Test Principle: ELISA-VIDITEST is a solid-phase immunoanalycal test. The specific angens Nucleocapsid Protein (NP) or Spike Protein (S1) are fixed to each well of the microterstrips. Specific anbodies present in the paent’s sample are bound during the first incubaon step. Aer removing unbound material by washing, the presence of the specific anbodies is detected using an-human IgA, IgG or IgM conjugate during the second incubaon. The unbound peroxidase conjugate is then removed and TMB substrate is added, resulng in the development of a blue colour in posive samples. The enzyme reacon is terminated by addion of the stop soluon (colour change to yellow) . The intensity of the yellow colour thus developed is proporonal to the concentraon of anbodies in the sample.

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