C58C1 ElectroCompetent Agrobacterium

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C58C1 ElectroComp Agrobacterium cells are useful for transgenic operations that involve potatoes, astragalus, rosaceae, tobacco and other plants.


Intact Genomics (ig®) C58C1 ElectroComp Agrobacterium cells are optimized for the highest transformation efficiency and are useful for various applications. The chromosomal background of C58C1 is C58. C58 is cured of the Ti plasmid pTiC58 resulting in C58C1. C58C1 Competent cells may be useful for transgenic operations that involve Arabidopsis and other plants. This Agrobacterium strain is streptomycin and rifampicin resistant.

Competent cell type: Electrocompetent
Species: A. tumefaciens
Strain: C58C1
Format: Tubes
Transformation efficiency:  ≥ 1 x 10 cfu/µg pCAMBIA1391z  DNA
Blue/white screening: No
Shipping condition: Dry ice

Reagents Needed for One Reaction
C58C1 ElectroComp Agrobacterium: 25 µl
DNA (pCAMBIA1391z, 500 pg/µl):    1 µl
Recovery medium:    1 ml

C58C1 ElectroComp Agrobacterium: -80 ºC
pCAMBIA1391z control DNA: -20 ºC
Recovery medium:    4 ºC

Quality Control
Transformation efficiency is tested by using the pCAMBIA1391z control DNA supplied with the kit and using the protocol in this manual. Transformation efficiency should be ≥1 x 107 CFU/µg pCAMBIA1391z DNA. Untransformed cells are tested for appropriate antibiotic sensitivity.

Please note, all agrobacterial strains are not well studied for antibiotic resistance and there are many agrobacterial strains.  Therefore, it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure his/her vectors are compatible with the Agrobacterial strains if he/she uses an alternate antibiotic selection than kanamycin-selection.1286-12 1286-36

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