HbA1c Calibrator Kit

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Intended Use

The Axis-Shield HbA1c Calibrator Kit is intended to be used for the calibration of the Axis-Shield HbA1c Reagent Assay on Clinical Chemistry analysers.

Summary and Principle

The Axis-Shield HbA1c Calibrator Kit has been designed for calibration of a direct HbA1c Immunoturbidimetric assay. Refer to the Axis-Shield HbA1c reagent instructions for use for further information.


1 vial (Calibrator 1) containing buffer and 4 vials (Calibrator 2 - 5) containing lyophilised human whole blood. The concentrations of HbA1c in each calibrator are lot-specific. Refer to the calibrator vial labels for specific concentrations.

HbA1c Calibrator Kit DataSheet

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