Bovine IgG ELISA Kit | F070

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  • Bovine IgG ELISA
  • Bovine IgG ELISA Kit

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Bovine IgG ELISA Kit | F070

Bovine IgG ELISA Kit is intended for use in quantitating bovine IgG. The kit is for Research and Manufacturing Use Only and is not intended for diagnostic use in humans or animals. The Bovine IgG assay is a two-site immunoenzymetric assay. Samples containing Bovine IgG are reacted in microtiter strips coated with an affinity purified capture antibody. A second HRP labeled anti-Bovine IgG antibody is reacted, forming a sandwich complex of solid phase antibody-Bovine IgG-HRP labeled antibody. After a wash step removes any unbound reactants, the strips are then reacted with TMB substrate. Followed by the addition of a stop solution changing the color from blue to yellow. The amount of hydrolyzed substrate is read on a microtiter plate reader and will be directly proportional to the concentration of bovine IgG present in the sample. Accurate quantitation is achieved by comparing the signal of unknowns to bovine IgG standards assayed at the same time.

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Additional Information

1 Kit
Product Type:
All kit reagents 2°C to 8°C
Assay format:
96 Well Plate
Time to result:
~2 hrs. 50 min
~100 pg/mL
~150 pg/mL
Recommended Diluent:
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