Mouse Total IgG ELISA Kit | F049

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  • Mouse Total IgG ELISA Kit

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Mouse Total IgG ELISA Kit | F049

Mouse Total IgG ELISA Kit is intended for use in quantitating total mouse IgG. The antibodies used in this kit are specific for mouse immunoglobulins and will not cross react significantly with most immunoglobulins from other species. The kit is for Research and Manufacturing Use Only and is not intended for diagnostic use in humans or animals. Monoclonal antibodies are used in many applications such as diagnostic or therapeutic agents as well as affinity supports for immunoaffinity purification of various products. These applications frequently require a sensitive assay to accurately quantitate the concentration of these antibodies in complex sample matrices. The antibodies used in this kit are mouse immunoglobulin heavy and light chain specific. They do not cross react significantly with immunoglobulin from other species but they will cross react to varying degrees with other mouse immunoglobulins such as all IgG isotypes, IgA, and IgM. The presence of high concentrations of mouse IgM and IgA immunoglobulin types in the sample can interfere in the ability of this kit to quantitate mouse IgG. Cygnus Technologies provides kits for IgA, IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, IgG3 and IgM immunoglobulins. See ordering information on the last page.

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Additional Information

1 Kit
Product Type:
All kit reagents 2°C to 8°C
Assay format:
96 Well Plate
Time to result:
~3 hrs. 20 min
<0.3 ng/mL
~0.5 ng/mL
Recommended Diluent:
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